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We handcraft websites and applications,
Keeping users in the loop for maximum efficiency.


Iterating using a user-centered approach helps improving project quality over time while keeping costs down.

1. Explore and design

We design as a team, analysing user research findings using scientific methodology.

Product backlog

2. Build

Agile development is always focused on features that bring the most value to the project.

Prototype or product

3. Measure

User research is combined with the design process to build a solution that users are eager to adopt.

User data

Highlighted projects

Since 2014, we have helped more than 20 startups companies and associations successfully design, build and launch their products.


TEA, The Ebook Alternative

User research for an e-commerce platform (Android, iOS, e-readers)



Interactive prototype for an internal documentation search engine

Internal productions



Oolys is a serious game for children in orthodental care.


Antepulsio II

Self-learning application for anatomy and biomechanics, designed for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

More customers we've worked with

  • CLGE
  • Mission Économique de l'Ain
  • Groupama
  • KTM Advance
  • La Cordée
  • Orthodeal
  • Pôle Pixel
  • Temps Jeunes
  • Zenika

Our awesome team

Florent Goumy

Florent Goumy

I have 10 years experience designing Web services. I love studying, understanding and optimising user experience. I read a lot about Lean Startup, UX, emotional design, interface/interaction design, and many many more.

Julien Fusco

Julien Fusco

I honed my web development skills for more than 10 years working for IT services companies as well as startups. I keep up-to-date about new technologies every day. I believe in agile values and principles and love contributing to Open Source projects.

Quentin Basset

Quentin Basset

Born at the dawn of personal computers and Internet, I love coding and technology. At Ochelys I manage servers, write both back-end and front-end code, and help customers get up to speed with the new interfaces and workflows.

Jérémy Styczen

Jérémy Styczen

As both Front-End developper and designer I create customised web applications with a particular focus on interface and animations. I love to learn SVG and CSS tricks, and new Back-End languages to work on innovative projects. I love travelling. I play bass in a band.


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